Cook up a feast

Hello all,

My name is Anij’ya Wilson but some people call me “Yay”. I grew up in Newark, Delaware with my mom and two sisters. I am the youngest so of course people thing I am a spoiled brat but I do not see myself as that. I work very hard for everything that I am approached with. When I was younger I loved my mom doing everything for me but since I grew up I decided I needed to start doing some stuff for me so I found out how to cook but not the food your think. I cook food from around the world. When I went to Costa Rica in April I found out how to cook some Authentic dishes for my family. Ever since then I search up new recipes each and every week. I love to show people all my different entrees I can make you would think I took up Culinary. I would be more than happy to help you cook up a feast. Thank you readers I will be back again.

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