Persistence and Balance

Hi there, my name is Nina Freda. I am a freshman at UD, and my major is English Education. I am from South Jersey (go Birds!) and love to go to the Jersey shores in the summer.

One thing about myself is that I am persistent. I am always in pursuit of the next best thing I can do to better myself. I really enjoy learning, exercising, and meditating. I love to find new things that can inspire me, but also help me to relax. With that, I try to maintain a balance in my life of things to keep me healthy mentally and physically. For example, if I have a tough workout one day, I know I have to balance that out with a good sleep that night, or if I have a strenuous day of classes, I know I have to find time to unwind and read a good book or watch a fun documentary.

Over the last few years of my life, I have found that this balance is the key to a happy and healthy life. I am super grateful to have acquired this skill, and I hope I can provide some insight to others about how to accomplish a higher quality of life. 🙂

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