About me :)

Hi everyone! My name is Sabrina Siles and I am from Westchester, NY (about an hour from NYC). I’m majoring in Psychology with the end goal of becoming a psychologist. At first I thought I wanted to be a child psychologist, but as much as I love children, I don’t think I could work with them all day long. I have two little brothers, Noah (6 years old) and Coby (4 years old). It’s definitely hard having an age gap of 12 and 14 years but I love them more than anything and wouldn’t have it any other way. I spend most of my time hanging out with friends and family. My mom is from Italy and her whole side of the family lives in the Giulia-Friuli Venezia region. I travel there every summer to spend time with my family and hang out with my friends as well (my best friend lives there). Speaking Italian has been really helpful for learning French, which was the language I took in Middle and High School. I’m so excited to be at UD and I hope you all have a great year!


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