Road Trip Adventures

Being impulsive is okay sometimes, just not all the time. I landed in a sticky situation due to my impulsiveness. Granted, I didn’t plan on all available phones dying or on there being no functioning phone charger in the car. I didn’t even plan on driving out to West Virginia that night. My best friend, Cam, and I were supposed to be driving around our town, located just outside Pittsburgh.

It started out normally: I pick Cam up and we drive around town. That night though, I wasn’t feeling remotely tired. I asked Cam, “Do you mind if we take the drive onto the highway tonight?” His response was more than positive, so I set off towards the highway. After driving for a few minutes, a sign passed showing different cities and how far away they were. Speaking my thoughts, I read a city out loud. “Wheeling. Cam, let’s go to Wheeling.”

“You do know Wheeling is in West Virginia, right?” Cam asked. He pulled out a quarter. If it was heads, we would go. If it was tails, we wouldn’t. Cam flipped the coin. Tails. Cam then spoke up. “Let’s just do it anyways, but how about we just go into West Virginia for a few miles?” 

From there, we made a game plan: Pick up a West Virginia brochure at the first rest area and turn around at the next exit. After we picked up the brochures, Cam and I had pulled up the navigation on our phones. It said we could take one long road at the next exit to loop around to the other side of the highway.

Cam took this photo after we got a pamphlet at around 10pm that night.

We took the exit and started down the road. We lost the radio signal a few minutes into the road, which worried us only slightly. The exit we took was a camping exit, so we were prepared for that to happen. Then, I noticed that the lights lining the road were becoming more spaced out, leaving me to be more cautious than normal while driving. The navigation let us know we had thirty minutes left before we merged onto the highway. Another ten minutes passed, and my phone died. I asked Cam if he had a charger; I didn’t plan on going on such a long car ride, so I didn’t have one. Not only did Cam not have a phone charger, his phone was about to die too. With me still driving, Cam went through all of the pockets around his seat looking for a charger. His phone died after his first unsuccessful search. Slightly panicked, he continued looking through the car for a charger, the entire time whispering profanities under his breath about how we even got into this situation.

Eventually, Cam found an old phone charger in the wall of the trunk. He climbed back up to the front and plugged my phone in. The rest of the ride home we talked about how we didn’t regret the adventure, but we would never do it again without being a little more prepared.

Here’s what I hope people take away from this. First, always have a phone charger in your car even if you are only going a few minutes away from home. Second, if you decide to go on a crazy car adventure, it’s better if you do it with a friend. Third, trust your instincts. Even though I panicked at some points, I still trusted we would eventually find our way home, and we did.


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