Would the Tear Appear?

Could a movie make me cry? This question had me thinking all day. I had never cried during a movie before, not even during sad movies, but I thought that a comic book movie might make the emotions come out. I had become emotionally invested in the entire franchise, over twenty films. After watching the decades worth of films, I had a strong feling that Avengers Endgame would make me cry. But how would I manage to hide the emotion from my friends? Something so human had me pondering all day.

After getting into Jared’s car, his dad asked if any of us had any last minute predictions. “Someone big is going to die,” I stated, finally accepting that one of my favorite heroes would finally meet their end.

“Yeah, but who?” Jared asked with his eyes still glued on his phone. He was reading theories online, just as I had been doing earlier, avoiding spoilers at all costs.

“Your guess as good as mine,” I said as the car made its way to Ethan house. When we got to Ethan’s house, he came into the car and almost spoiled the movie for us. Jared’s dad screamed at him and Ethan was startled. Next stop, the theater.

We were nearing the theater, so I figured that I better warn everyone about my probable emotional outbreak. I told them very bluntly. I braced for humiliation, but was pleasantly surprised. Ethan told me he felt the sam way as me. Jared didn’t even seem phased by my admission. His dad glanced at me through the rear view mirror and gave me the nod of approval. I had bottled up so much anxiety for nothing.

When the movie started and an emotional scene occurred, I felt the tear build up in my eye. Immediately, I turned to see my friend’s reactions. Ethan was halfway through wiping a tear from his cheek and Jared was already full on sobbing. It wasn’t just my friends showing emotions, it was the entire theater. Grown men were even visibly distraught. I spent all day being anxious for nothing.

The anxiety that I felt ended up leading me to this great realization. It is perfectly acceptable for a man to show emotion, especially when he is truly passionate about something. Seeing other young men, and even grown men, cry over a comic book movie taught me that suppressing your emotions is pointless, because more than likely, someone else is feeling the same way too.


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