Progress Built on a Wasteland: Electronic Consumerism & the Dangers of E-waste

Analysis by Jake Stein

Thesis: The author puts his thesis right at the beginning. From the first paragraph, the reader can tell that the essay will be about the ecological impacts of the technology industry.

Target Audience: This article is written for just about everyone who can comprehend it. The subject matter has effects on everyones lives. Technology is prevalent in our culture, therefore, this article is meant for everyone.

Logic: The author includes information from various sources throughout the text. He also uses current examples of companies and how they relate to the e-waste problems presented.

Ethos: The author shows his audience that he is a reliable writer because of his clear understanding of the topic and his sources to back him up. He doesn’t seem to doubt his argument.

Pathos/Kairos: By giving examples like the farmers in China, it plays upon emotion. It makes the reader feel bad for the poor farmer who is having difficulties with his crops because of the massive amounts of waste polluting the area. The author uses examples like this throughout to play on emotion. It is not manipulative in any way. He is just stating facts about the unfortunate scenarios brought upon by the pollution.

The argument being made in this essay is a rational one. He is trying to argue the fact that the e-waste is creating harm to environment. He has many pieces of evidence to support his claims, making this argument very rational.


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