To Meme or Not To Meme

  1. Thesis: 
  • That’s right: internet memes played a role in my depressive spiral.
  • What caused her to be suicidal 
  • Last sentence of first paragraph because it justifies the purpose of the paper
  1. Target audience: 
  • Teeangers/Gen Z
  • Talking about memes which is on social media and teens use social media more
  • “If young people are…normalising potential damaging behaviour, then it is vital that we better understand the nature, transmission and impact of health knowledge and health messages contained in Internet memes and shared on social media sites among 13-16 year olds” (Casey et al, 2018).
  • Young people are at risk for normalizing mental health issues
  1. Logos:
  • 2011 meme of dog bottom text saying “Kill Me” : Inspired by the movie Alien where creature begs for life being taken away
  • Tweets: Idea that internet/strangers on it are an acceptable replacement to therapy
  • Author emphasizes these examples to show from normalizing memes people will not value each others mental health/take it seriously because of what is portrayed on social media/the internet
  1. Ethos:
  • Tone: Serious
  • According to clinical therapist Meghan O’Flynn, dark humor “may be a type of cognitive behavioral strategy that serves a dual purpose of exposing individuals to the topics they fear the most along with [the positive physical effects of humor]” (O’Flynn, 2016). : Shows in her diction that she is informed/knows what she is talking about/Citation right after quote
  1. Pathos: 
  • “Internet culture and memes can easily manifest themselves in real life, and when that culture and those memes address such sensitive topics, that manifestation can be dangerous – fatal, in fact.”
  • This shows the emotional aspect of making the audience care because it talks about how memes can be fatal
  • Uses words to form a specific type of feeling
  • Relevant examples are used from showing memes, pictures, and statistics=Honest
  1. Moral argument:
  • Based her argument on making society/internet better for teens 

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