To Meme or Not to Meme

Analysis of “To Meme or Not to Meme”

Essay by Maya Walker

The thesis of this essay is about mental health in relation to social media, specifically memes. She makes this clear in the first paragraph, and continues to build off of it throughout the entire essay. 

This essay is targeted at people who may struggle with mental health issues and people who use social media. She links the two together in this essay and shows the problems that social media have on people’s mental health. 

The author shows her credibility (ethos) on this topic by talking about her personal experience with mental health (suicide) and social media. She claims that “internet memes played a role in my depressive spiral”. Since this is ultimately what the essay is about it shows her credibility on the topic. 

She shows logos by including specific examples of memes that back up her thesis. Pictures of them were included in the essay so that readers could view them and understand what she was talking about. She also includes quotes and statistics that support the claims and thesis in her essay. 

The author establishes pathos in her essay by talking about her personal experiences with mental health and suicide and how memes and social media played such a big role in it. The topic of mental health in general are usually very emotional, especially suicide. The fact that she told her story about it and how it affected her personally reached the audience on an even more emotional level. 

This essay also appeals to kairos because of how it is shown that it is a prominent issue in our world today and action needs to be taken right away to try and fix these problems.


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