Analysis of “Contemporary Impact of the Fates of Confederate Officials”

  • Thesis: 

 “In the pursuit of unity in a deeply divided country, the United States opted to pardon figureheads of the Confederacy to help heal the wounds of the country rather than implicate them for their rebellion, and this decision is still affecting Americans today.”

  • The thesis was placed where it was to direct the essay about its main point about why the confederate soldiers were pardoned, why they ended up being memorialized, and why they possibly lead to the uprise of hate.
  • The audience for this essay is the American people who want to know why the Confederate soldiers are still being memorialized as statues……
  • There is Logos when she repeatedly describes the historical context, explains Henry Wirz, 
  • Ethos- when she quoted the artist and the historian at the end of her essay and they gave their opinions on the statues, she also quoted Robert E. Lee about his views on the south still idolizing the confederates. 
  • Pathos- the “harrowing” effects these statues had and America’s apathy towards the rebels as the years passed.  

Diction- “It’s negative results, which are presenting themselves through white supremacy and violence, have come back to haunt Americans more than150 years later.”

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