Analysis of “Defeating the Boogeyman”

Thesis: Dream analysis/interpretation can help trauma/PTSD patients heal and learn to cope better than traditional treatments.

Target Audience: The target audience of this essay could be towards psychologists, scientists, or therapists and patients suffering from trauma and/or people searching for assistance.

Logos: The author uses evidence from case studies and other professional research. She cites example in nearly every body paragraph and connects everything well to her findings and thesis.

Ethos: The tone of the piece is professional and serious. The author uses sophisticated diction with use of good grammar to appear more professional. They also cite professionals in the psychology field, as well as themselves to appeal to the general reader.

Pathos: As mentioned earlier, the author cites their own experience with trauma to appeal to the general reader but also to be relatable to others. There are many people who suffer trauma/PTSD or other mental illnesses who can somewhat relate to her situation. They also cite examples of case studies with children, which tends to emotionally grasp a reader more. The author’s description of dreams in relation to mentality also makes it relatable. The tone of the essay is genuine.

The entire essay itself is a genuine, moral argument. The author researched a topic she related to and clearly cares a lot about. She wants to bring awareness to treating trauma and to help not only herself, but others.


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