Analysis Summary of Arak Journal

Thesis: “Unfortunately, current data on the achievement gap between African American and white students in the United States suggest that the legacy of slavery and discrimination in America persists to the modern day, raising alarm for the present necessity to fight for equality of education.” Strong, suggesting moral relativity when regarding modern day racism and inequality in an educational setting. Sets up the personal bias relying on the interracial effects of white privilege.

Audience: Towards the general public. Suggesting the barriers within resources or lack there of when discussing the differences of the broad scale of the white and African American population in the United States. Assuming the author is trying to promote change in the general social system.

Logos: Explains the “…major rift in income, race distribution, and public school performance…” Shows the audience that the clear correlating inconsistency relying on social classes and relative educational preferences. Emphasizes racial ideas and the everlasting effects from prior racist history. (Slavery and the repercussions of withholding the ability to create civil educational rights in the past) Mentions Brown v. Board of Education and the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Ethos: Tone is serious regarding racial bias. Demographics shifts. Sites socio-economic trends showing struggling African Americans attempting to keep up with the wealthy white students.

Pathos: Draws in the audience with cognitive dissonance, presenting slavery and historic mistreatment of differing races. The “legacy of slavery.”

Kairos: Uses current information of the unequal treatment between the correlation of races and social classes. Sadly may continue to be relevant as racism continues to be prevalent under the United States administration. (Triggering the connection of the past and present, extremely important issues still plaguing the United States)


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