Antibiotics & Superbugs: The Future of Health?


  • The thesis of this argument is to acknowledge the reality of superbugs and implement actions against the misuse of antibiotics in order to prevent a health crisis.


  • The audience the author is intending to target is doctors prescribing medication, scientists, and regular civilians. The author addresses the mistakes and the problems associated with each group of people and demands that each group makes the necessary changes in preventing a health crisis. 


  • The author uses many forms of factual evidence including a personal event, statistics, and constantly quotes professionals in the field. The author is extremely consistent in including factual information throughout their entire argument.


  • The author establishes ethos through their tone, diction, and their sources of evidence. Throughout the argument the tone is harsh and serious in order to deliver the point that action is absolutely essential. The author thoroughly explains topics and through their diction, they are able to construct authority. The author uses a plethora of credible sources such as the CDC and the FDA, demonstrating that the author has taken the time to research the topic in depth therefore giving him authority.


  • The author uses pathos in crafting his argument by including a personal story about how his dad ultimately died from being infected by a superbug. This creates pathos because the audience is able to sympathize with him and understand where the basis of his argument is coming from.


  • The author uses relevant information to prove the aspects of his arguments. He uses a survey from 2010-2011 and the story about his father happened in 2016. Using such recent events makes it relevant to the audience that this is a problem.


  • This is a moral argument because the author has been directly impacted by superbugs and is demanding action in order to prevent other people from experiencing similar tragic events created by superbugs.

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