Drugs, Death, and Rock n Roll

by Lauryn Daniels

1.) The thesis of the essay is at the end of the first paragraph: ” Festival orchestrators and partners need to take into consideration that festival-goers are still going to participate in recreational drug use, regardless of what policies are instituted. Therefore, it is up to festival officials to change the rhetoric and focus on absolute drug eradication within contemporary music festivals to a more hands-on, harm-reduction approach.”

  • this thesis is placed where a thesis normally goes so it is easy for the ready to spot it.

2.) The target readers of the essay are festival goers and festival officials

3.) Logos

  • provides descriptions of what festivals are really like
  • how they can make the festivals use less drug oriented
  • facts are backed up with citations and evidence

4.) Ethos

  • is appealing towards adults with the chemistry behind the drugs
  • the tone is very informative and determined to create change at festivals
  • the citations and evidence behind the authors facts hold up her creditability

5.) Pathos

  • the author talks about the death that have occurred at festivals while using drugs
  • creates a feeling of frustration towards festival officials for not doing something about drug use
  • the information is honest because it is backed up by concrete evidence

6.) Kairos

  • use of drugs increases every year at festivals and festivals are very prevalent currently making this a relevant argument

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