Education of Slaves in the Antebellum South and Blacks in America Today

THESIS: looks back on the history of injustice in African American education and introducing legislation that helped reform education, but still addresses the clear gap between African American and white education.

ETHOS: The author used Brown v. Board of Education to pull facts to back up their claims as well as other famous court rulings for educational reform.

PATHOS: author discusses the difference he noticed coming from a white suburban neighborhood adjacent to a less fortunate neighborhood. He states, “there exists a major rift in income, race distribution, and public school performance between my small middle class town and its neighboring city.” The author adds personal tones by explaining how he grew up witnessing the growing gap in the different public schools.

KARIOS: This essay is relevant because in intercity schools, we are still seeing major performance gaps as compared to suburban neighborhoods with heavily funded schools.

STRUCTURE: it’s structured almost like an essay for a professional journal. It goes in detail and pulls evidence from multiple credible sources. The minimal graphics except the authors also contributes to the feel of the piece.


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