This layout may be a little weird only because I took notes first.

  • Artificial nails are so popular that so many people are getting infected unknowingly
  • Those who do and receive nails get infected with the methacrylates 
  • Methacrylates cause allergic reactions to people who get fake nails
  • Gel polish that can be an at-home salon experience also contain methacrylates 
  • Long term effects can be asthma
  • Extended exposure to methacrylates can leave nail technicians unable to continue their profession due to respiratory illnesses
  • Can also cause nerve damage specifically in hands
  • Methacrylates should not be a part of cosmetics 
  • Equally toxic through skin as ingestion, lethal to rats at 100 ppm
  • Technicians have extended exposure to methacrylates that can be harmful
  • From nail glue
  • “safe as used when application is accompanied by directions to avoid skin contact because of the sensitizing potential of ethyl methacrylate”
  • Required labels lack sufficient warning
  • “If the FDA does not adjust rules promoting the safe and fair usage of polymerization chemicals in nail products, the production of methacrylate-containing nail glues and lacquers will only continue to hurt businesses by deterring clients and manicurists from receiving and performing nail services if they are unable, or unwilling, to hurdle the perverse health risks these chemicals pose.” (I just thought this line was killer)


“However, numerous studies have linked methacrylates to an array of uncomfortable allergic reactions in nail salon customers, as well as dangerous long-term health problems in nail technicians. Nonetheless, little action has been taken to reduce the use of these chemicals.” (added in introductory paragraph, near end that had a really good closing sentence) 

Target audience:

People who get their nails done, people who do others’ nails, nail polish/glue companies

Lots of Logos, with facts – constantly backed up and cited 


Speaks as someone trying educate for others’ safety. Cited journals and research articles. 


Not much pathos as it was very largely logos, lots of Kairos in the beginning as they explained the increase of nail services for men and women. 

Very rational argument. Personally if I reacted from my nails being done I would understand and argue alongside this author.

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