Putting a Price on Life

  • Thesis: Debt scares away potential doctors, causing a shortage in primary care doctors alongside an increase in demand.
  • Pathos
    •  The first thing he does is reach out emotionally to the audience. 
    • Picturing a sick kid in the hospital is sad.
    • He relates and gives hope by bringing up his childhood dream career inspired by his time in the hospital.
    • Wanting to help people
  • Ethos 
    • He should know about this topic because he had to look into it seriously for his life career until recently
    • A lengthy citation list is proudly presented at the bottom
  • Logos
    • Use of cited statistics
    • Dr. Ryan Grayson- professor at yale
  • diction – 
    • Use of elevated language to help establish his position as knowledgeable, but not condescending, “copious”
    • Helps establish ethos.
  • Structure- 
    • Longer sentences and paragraphs,, Arellano takes his tim

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