Putting a Price on Life

Thesis: “That dream would be enough to push me out of my hospital bed and send myself flying towards achieving greater heights in academics and extracurriculars. Before coming to college, I felt like nothing was going to stop me from pursuing that dream. That is until I was introduced to the world of student loans.” This thesis does a good job of telling the audience that student loans is what he is going to be talking about for his paper. It also has a little bit of Pathos in it.

Logos: “Dr. Ryan Greysen of Yale University School of Medicine notes in his article “A History of Medical School Debt” that schooling since 1963 has been growing increasingly loan dependent as attendance costs rose, with 86% of medical students graduating with debt as of 1984 (840-841).” This shows the number aspect, by showing statistics it makes his point stronger.

Ethos: “The medical field can be divided in to two general categories:primary care and specialty care. Primary care consists of physicians who have general knowledge of most fields. Specialty care consists of the fields of medicine that focus specifically on one aspect of medicine like cardiology or oncology.” He is describing different types of medical fields, which is ethos. He is giving credibility to himself.

Pathos: “I have lived all around the world in my lifetime, but the one place I called home for most of my childhood was the hospital. From catching the Swine Flu in Singapore, to getting water parasites in Vietnam, none of my constant visits to the ER could prepare me for the bug that would afflict me for the rest of my life: the dream of being a doctor.” This does a great job of making the audience feel bad for him. It was a good idea to put it in the beginning because it opens the eyes of the audience to feel bad for him.


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