The Price of Beauty Outline

THESIS:  Consumers and businesses should choose between health and beauty when using nail products with methacrylates in them, as they have been found to have harmful side-effects.

ETHOS: Mya Soukaseum uses many examples of ethos throughout this essay.  One example is by using lots of information and examples based off of reliable research.  For example, “Their finding that three of the four women identified to have ACD tested positive for two types of methacrylates on their skin (DeKoven et al., 2017)”. As you can see, the author uses proper citations and reliable statistics.  Again, “Another technician showed progressed bronchial hyperresponsiveness and asthma of an occupational origin, which only developed one year into her work. (Sauni et al., 2008)”

PATHOS: The author uses pathos in multiple ways, one being discussing how the nail technicians are getting sick.  In addition, she discusses how customers are getting rashes as well. This is pathos because it is directed to make the reader feel emotional about what is happening to people.  The author basically says this can happen to anyone.

KAIROS: This author uses Kairos because the use of gel and acrylic nails has gone up 27% in the past decade. Not only are just older wealthy women getting their nails done, men and younger ladies have started in the past 10 years.  The kairos aspect of this essay is basically saying that the industry is at its height right now, and a change is necessary ASAP.

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