“To Meme or Not to Meme” Analysis

  • Thesis
    • “Internet memes played a role in my depressive spiral.”
      • This really makes the writer’s point clear at the beginning of the paper, and it’s a strong, powerful way to do so
  • Target Audience
    • Basically, anyone who is participating in meme “culture” in any way
    • Gen Z/college students, and a little older/younger as well
  • Ethos
    • The author does a great job of sharing personal experiences, which helps to establish authority and show credibility
    • Also uses many relevant sources which help as well
      • Refers to these sources frequently, while also sharing their own opinion and thoughts
  • Pathos
    • The memes and visual examples within the essay help to give the reader a better idea of what the author is talking about, and also provide something else to look at for a moment besides just words, which is nice
    • By sharing their personal experience(s), the author really does an excellent job of showing and conveying emotion throughout this paper
  • Logos
    • By bringing the paper to a close with the statement “broadening awareness… healthier and happier Gen Z.” is a great way to close this paper, because it makes it obvious that there really is a change that needs to happen regarding memes and depression/sadness
    • The smooth integration of quotations from other works help to provide evidence and reinforce the author’s point but also flow very smoothly into the rest of the paper, which makes it easier to read for everyone else.
  • Kairos
    • With how widespread memes are now, and how frequently Gen Z/college students encounter them, this paper is extremely relevant in today’s society
      • This is especially true when the rates of depression and suicidal thoughts of today’s youth and students are taken into consideration

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