My Essay, but Shorter

By: Jake Stein

Ben Schlusser’s essay “Progress Built on Wasteland: Electronic Consumerism & the Dangers of E-waste” explains how e-waste is affecting everyone. His essay is very affective because of his use of examples and his extensive knowledge of the subject.

Schlusser selected quotes that not only support his claims very well, but they also draw out his readers emotions. One example of a quote that he pulled out was the one about the Chinese farmer. After e-waste started getting dumped outside of his village, his sheep started dying, his plants withered and seven of his neighbors died of cancer.

Schlusser demonstrates his extensive knowledge of the subject by leading his readers into the subject with a great amount of information. He proves that he is knowledgeable before going into depth on the subject.

Schlusser’s work on the e-waste subject was pretty good. There were no major flaws, however it could have been improved. Schlusser is very good at picking out emotional quotes. He could have implemented more of these in his essay to really grab the reader’s attention.


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