Adaptation of “Social Life Suicide: A Review of ‘To Meme or Not to Meme'”

In the article To Meme or Not to Meme, the author, Maya Walker, uses her own experiences in life to show how detrimental social media can be to a person if used negatively. She uses a personal account of how social media endangered her but also shares how she was able to block out the things that made her feel less than important.  Social media has gone from a place that people go to to vent and feel better about themselves to a place that people are afraid to be themselves. 

The author argues throughout the article that social media is the ruination of mental health. Social media has become a staple of so many people’s lives over the past decade. Everywhere you look, people are posting about their latest vacation, the newest addition to their shoe collection or the fight they just had with their friend. People have turned to social media as a friend more than they would an actual person. While some people may try and inflict pain on someone on purpose with their posts, others may not realize how hurtful a post can be to someone and accidentally trigger someone’s unstable mental health. The world has become so numb to such important subjects like mental health that it is a topic that is too often overlooked. 

The main mode of persuasion shown in this essay was kairos. The way the author was able to establish kairos is by talking about social media, a huge part of many people’s everyday lives. By talking about such a common and popular topic, she was able to appeal to such a large audience. There have been many people who have been questioning their life. They have been in a horrible place in life and turn to social media to try and save them and sometimes that just isn’t the case. Brutal people and those who do not care about the mental health could very well be the reason people lean towards ending their lives. Seeing people make fun of your pain could be tough and seeing that when you’re so hurt can be deadly. Making something this well-known something you talk about is an important part of awareness.


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