“Progress Built on a Wasteland” Short Analysis

In Ben Schlusser’s Essay, “Progress Built on a Wasteland: Electronic Consumerism & the Dangers of E-waste”, the main view is that humans constantly buy new electronic products, and this increases the amount of waste that becomes present on the planet. The waste causes numerous environmental problems and dangers. The author does a good job at conveying that change is needed, or else our planet may be destroyed, but he uses mostly factual and logical evidence. His lack of emotion may not appeal to every type of person. For example, someone who is easily convinced by facts and logic may agree with this essay and advocate for change, but someone who needs emotions to act on something may not see this essay as appealing. However, the essay does explain to the reader that change is necessary through its abundance of examples of the tactics that companies use on consumers. It is clear to the audience that this excessive consumption of electronics is detrimental to us and the environment.

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