My Stance: Analysis of “Politics, Patriotism, and The Public’s Perception of Protest”

This article by Emma Rigaud discusses the importance of protesting. Rigaud explains her stance on the issue developing a strong argument to the positives that come with protesting. She proves this through her credibility, use of diction and facts including statistics and quotes about protesting she uses throughout her article. She starts her essay out with a quote that introduces a counter argument explaining protesting in a negative way. Rigaud then backs up that quote, to start off her argument that protesting is indeed a positive thing. The author uses examples of many protests of the past and then shows their positive outcomes they have to this day. Rigaud also ties in the topic of patriotism with protesting. She then ends her essay in including examples of the extreme measures even legislatures are taking to try to prevent protesting. What caught my eye to read this article in the first place, was the catchy title and it’s use of alliteration. Rigaud does a good job in showing her credibility with examples like that (her use of diction), as well as her very passionate tone. Her use of past protests comparisons like the Freedom Rider protest, and how that was seen as negative in the past and is now part of history today was a fantastic way to get her point across to the reader. Her inclusion of quotes of experts and graphs also helped with supporting her argument and made it, so it wasn’t solely her opinion. The author does a successful job in keeping the reader engaged through various tactics of ethos and logos. Using comparisons from previous protests, even recent ones today to clearly get her argument across and relate to readers. Never really going overboard with her stance but allowing readers to come to terms on their own on their view of protests. Rigaud conveys her argument to the audience never backing down and keeping an assertive tone.


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