Adaption: Antibiotics and Superbugs: The Future of Health?

The article, “Antibiotics and Superbugs: The Future of Health?,”  by John Bachman-Paternoster effectively argued that superbugs will be detrimental to world health if necessary actions are not taken to shift the focus of scientific exploration surrounding bacteria to promote beneficial bacteria and avoiding the misuse of antibiotics. The author is successful in arguing his point due to the appeal to the audience and emotion, along with his credibility and rationality he uses throughout the article. 

Bachman-Paternoster constantly challenges the audience to make a difference on the issue and embeds a tragic story into his article, which forces the audience to feel both sympathetic and a sense of urge to take action on the serious issue. The author uses evidence from outside, credible sources to improve his authority and effectively argue his point. Through these strategies, the author is able to craft an article that is productive in proving his argument and leaving a lasting impression on the audience, inspiring them to implement the actions necessary for change.

Furthermore, the author incorporates and intertwines various strategies in order to successfully convey his argument. For example, the article states, “in total, about half of antibiotic prescriptions for respiratory conditions, and 30% of all outpatient antibiotic prescriptions were deemed to be inappropriately prescribed (Fleming-Dutra, et al. 1869).” Using credible sources, logic, statistics, and appealing to the audience and their emotions allows for Bachman-Paternoster to effectively deliver his argument.

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