To Meme or Not to Meme

In To Meme or Not to Meme, Walker wrote a concise, well supported, and organized article on how memes are playing a role in the epidemic of mental illness. Walker expressed that this new comfort has lead to the growth of dark-humored memes that deals with mental illness. Walker continued to argue that the memes make light of a serious problem, and the memes don’t emphasize how dangerous and unhealthy it truly is. Walker does a fantastic job of formatting, organizing, and researching her article. In the introductory paragraph, she uses pathos to grab the reader’s attention and keep them interested. Walker used ethos to show her audience that what she wrote about means a lot to her. Walker did an excellent job to leave the audience with a powerful topic to think about, and how they can help. The argument is organized in a logical manner, leaving little to no room for the reader to be confused or grasp the severity of the situation. She restates in numerous ways and explanations that people who suffer from mental illness can use memes to cope, and or promote unhealthy habits. If Walker did not show so much vulnerability, her authority would not be as strong as it is. In showing her vulnerability, she shows the audience that this is a topic that can affect anyone and she knows first hand what memes can do to someone with a mental illness. Generation Z is the ones who are going to be affected the most, their entire lives they’ve been glued to technology, and as they get older social media. There is no way to get around it. Walker experienced first hand the severity and potentially fatal consequences of what dark-humored memes can do to someone who is struggling. Not only did she flawlessly do so, but she additionally added evidence from credible sources as well as real memes from the internet to get her point across.


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