Antibiotics and Superbugs

In the article “Antibiotics and Superbugs: The Future of Health?” by John Bachman-Paternoster, we learn how we misuse and overuse antibiotics. All around the world this misuse is causing a worldwide epidemic of the creation of superbugs. A superbug is a bacteria basically on steroids. When medicine is used too often or not enough, the bacteria becomes immune to the medication and adapts to withstand that medication the next time it is used. These superbugs are causing deaths and illnesses, and Bachman-Paternoster claims we need to put an end to this abuse of what should be used for good. In his article the author grabs the audience’s attention by asking them questions and using a personal anecdote about the death of his father. This is a form of pathos that helps draw out emotion in his reader. Another way Paternoster formats his argument to appeal to the reader is by establishing credibility. He uses reliable sources and quotes with statistics that prove his take on the subject of antibiotic misuse. For example he quotes “In fact, about 70% of all antibiotics produced in the U.S are given to livestock including chickens, pigs, and cows” (Moyer in Paternoster) to prove a point. Along with reliable sources and facts, he also chose a topic that is very relevant in today’s world which also helps the author connect to his audience. Medicine everyday is evolving so for people to be informed about superbugs is a necessity. Antibiotics are also being used in livestocks, which eventually winds up in our food that we eat. Knowing this is appeals to even more people especially health enthusiasts. In conclusion, Paternoster did a great job on displaying his argument to his readers.


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