To Meme or Not to Meme

Maya Walker wrote a very clear and well written essay about how she believes that the new trend in memes have played a large role in many peoples mental illness. She uses ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos to strengthen her essay. Throughout her writing, she attempts to appeal to the readers emotions by explaining her own struggles with depression. This causes the reader to feel empathetic towards her and makes her argument stronger. The reader will trust Walker’s opinion more because she has gone through it herself. She also explained that when she was having a hard time, she tried reaching out for help, however, no one knew she actually needed help because of how normal it was to talk about mental health. Walker also chose an extremely relevant topic. The memes that Walker describes are growing in popularity. They have caused teens to have casual conversations about topics such as mental illness and suicide. She argues that these memes are causing people with serious mental illnesses to use them as a coping mechanism instead of going to see a therapist. Walker also uses very credible resources throughout her writing. One thing that could have been improved upon is how repetitive the essay was. Other than the repetitiveness of the essay, She is able to argue her point very clearly throughout the entire piece.


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