Music Festivals: Fun ways to die? (Review of the essay Drugs, Death and Rock N’ Roll)

In the essay Drugs, Death, and Rock n Roll, the author argues that festival officials need to make changes in order to reduce/eradicate the use of drugs at festivals. The author states that music festivals used to be outlets for artists at the forefront of entertainment to perform for festival goers and has now shifted focus to recreationally using illegal drugs. Daniels believes that festival officials need to make changes to their festivals that don’t give people the impression that drugs should be used at festivals. Lauryn Daniels states that many people have died at these types of festivals due to drugs. Its reported that festival officials are trying to combat the use, but it does not seem to be working. What many are hoping works is that educating the masses on the dangers of these drugs especially at festivals may reduce the use. The government has been getting involved in the issue of illicit drug use at festivals however the RAVE act that had been put in place threatens to penalize any festivals that take initiative towards drug education. The issue is that hosting events for drug education show that festival officials are aware that drugs have been at their events. In today’s age so many people rely on festivals as their place to take these drugs, so it is important to find ways to combat drug use without losing festival goers. Recently, officials have been looking into ways to recognize that people are doing these drugs but to provide ways to minimize the harm from them. 

After reading the essay Drugs, Death, and Rock N Roll by Lauryn Daniels I can conclude 

that she had convinced me of her argument. This essay did a good job of informing the reader the 

reader on the horrifying drug use at music festivals and the actions being done to combat the 

situation. Daniels was very clear on her side of the argument and why she felt the way that 

she did. She used credible sources to back up her claims and recent articles that talked about this 

issue to show the relevance of the argument. The author clearly states her thesis in the first 

paragraph allowing the reader to understand what they will be reading about. Daniels organization skills were very concise making it easy for the reader to follow the essay. She was also good at appealing to the readers emotions by talking about the untimely deaths that can occur from drug intake at music festivals. However, not many people go to music festivals very often so it may not connect to as many people. Some of the language Daniels uses, for instance by explaining some of the chemistry behind the drugs, may not be understood by some readers. Overall, the author did a very good job of proposing her argument and we could all learn to use emotion and good facts to back up claims in our argument essays. 

            Drugs, Death, and Rock N Roll takes a in depth look into the intense drug use at music festivals and the ways people have been trying to stop it. Having festival fans staying educated and alert will help them stay out of harm’s way. Changing the tone of the festivals, it can create a safer environment for people to enjoy good music and good company. 


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