If everyone is the same, what is the point?

Transhumaism has many components to it, but the one I am going to focus in on is how this will take away from the fact that we are all special and different in our own ways. If transhumanism is a success, then it will turn into all people thinking and acting the same way, which goes against the idea of self actualization in each individual. 

Everyone is born differently, some struggle more than others and some things come easier to others. We are born a special person and each individual has to use their different strengths to achieve that idea of being the best person that they can be. If transhumanism is added, everyone is going to think intelligently and act in similar manners. This whole concept takes away from individuals being special in their own ways because it is going to bring us all together to basically make the same person in each individual. 

Think about how boring it would be to live in a world where everyone acts and thinks the same. How will we compete with one another? How will we act differently to certain situations? How are we supposed to feel human emotions if our thinking is being controlled? This is the downside to transhumanism where we lose all human features that make us special and who we truly are. 

Transhumanism truly does everything for you, it makes its own decisions and thinks on its own. It is truly just a body with artificial intelligence doing everything for an individual. Where truly the question needs to be raised, what is the point? A human is completely lost inside the body now because there is no more thinking and reacting going on in our minds, and we lose the emotions we typically feel, which is one of the most important aspects of a human being. 

People admire having different thoughts and feelings towards certain events than other people do, it is what separates people and allows them to be unique in their own ways. Transhumanism will erase all the special components in an individual, and will make everyone the same. No more conflicting points, no more making young teenage stupid mistakes, no more emotions regulating our behavior. All components of human life will officially be lost if artificial intelligence takes over the world.

Transhumanism destroys components of human life

One thought on “If everyone is the same, what is the point?”

  1. You say that transhumanism would defeat the individual self. Do you think it is possible to limit transhumanism in order to keep the idea of individualism or is it an all-or-nothing type of deal?


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