Space Colonization Dooms Earth

Sure, the colonization of the moon or Mars sounds fun, but what does this mean for Earth? When the colonization of some other planet occurs there will be great hope that the human race will progress. Eventually, people are going to want to move to this new planet to escape what seems like a doomed Earth. With a bright future ahead in space, Earth will eventually become run down and uninhabitable. Space colonization only leads to Earth’s demise and chaos.

Have you ever seen the film Wall-E? If you haven’t, the general idea is that humans eventually move to space because Earth becomes one giant dump. This will happen to our Earth if space colonization ever occurs. Currently, there are many campaigns to try and save the planet. This is because we don’t have another planet. When we can eventually move to some other planet, there will be no need for these sorts of campaigns. Why would we need to save the planet if we can just move on to another when this one goes to trash? Eventually, the fictional film Wall-E will become the animated documentary of Earth (minus the fact that there would still be plants on Earth).

This video will show you exactly what would happen if humans suddenly packed up and left Earth. (It is actually very interesting)

Before we know it, there will be no need for some government organizations. We will have no need for the Environmental Protection Agency. Their job is to make sure the planet will be here for years to come. The thing about space colonization is that we won’t need this planet for years to come. By the time Earth is gone, we’ll already be moved on to Mars or some other planet. Once we know that we can just transfer over to another planet, we will just end up destroying planets at an unprecedented rate. We will have no need to look after these new planets either if we know that something new can be obtained easily.

Before we know it, the day will come when we board the ship and head off on our one way trip to Mars. We’ll hop off the ship onto martian soil and then what? Countries will no longer exist on this new planet. Establishing a government will be virtually impossible. Chaos would erupt. There would be no law. Outer space would quickly become the new wild west.

After carefully examining the impact that space colonization would have on our glorious Earth, it is safe to say that full space colonization would in fact lead to Earth’s demise.


2 thoughts on “Space Colonization Dooms Earth”

  1. I like that you included the example of Wall-E. You also had a clear and concise thesis. The video really helped your case and allowed the following paragraphs to be supported.


  2. Wow!!! I chose the same article and my argument was against space colonization as well. I never even thought of comparing this topic to “Wall-E”, that is such a great comparison. I can totally picture in my head now what space colonization would look like, and how bad it would be. I loved the video you used, it really got your point across even further.


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