Transhumanism: Loss of Individuality

The world as we know it, consists of billions of people, yet no two people are exactly the same. An individual’s greatest strength in life is using the skills and talents they possess and utilizing them to benefit a large amount of people because they are the only person in the world that has those specific characteristics. Transhumanism, an international movement that “advocates for the transformation of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology” (Wikipedia), threatens individuality and will result in the demise of the human race. Transhumanism will cause humans to lose their individual identity because the characteristics and attributes that form an individual are eliminated by attempting to alter natural limitations and disabilities through the use of technology.

Attempting to overcome limitations such as cognitive ability or life span is problematic because this manipulation causes people to become deindividualized. When everyone is granted access to the technologies necessary in improving cognitive ability, every person will become the same because they will all have the same knowledge and will be able to comprehend the same materials. This creates a dramatic problem because everyone will be equally qualified making it extremely hard to differentiate social and economical classes. Without natural limitations, every person in the world will begin to morph into the same being and all individualism is lost. The variety created by limitations, personality or character traits, and disabilities will be completely eliminated by the use of technology through the transhumanism movement. 

The educational process and workforce will be greatly impacted because it will be nearly impossible to distinguish which person is the best fit. With the assistance of technology, the normal human capacity for intelligence will be surpassed. This creates a problem because everyone who uses technology to improve their cognitive abilities will be equally intelligent and therefore there will be no diversity in occupations. Every person will be equally qualified for jobs and there will be no way to decipher who the best candidate is. Additionally, people will be extremely overqualified for many jobs that are necessary in order for society to function effectively. Eventually, transhumanism will eliminate the need for education because the use of technology will fully replace it. The current educational process is very time consuming and does not guarantee intelligence. With transhumanism, people will realize that schooling is not necessary because the knowledge they gain via technology is more effective and beneficial to them. 

Transhumanism will result in the loss of all individuality and variation among people because natural limitations, personal identity, and disabilities will be terminated, causing all people to become mentally identical.

2 thoughts on “Transhumanism: Loss of Individuality”

  1. I wrote about this topic as well, and never thought about people being mentally identical and I think that is a really good point!


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