When All goes Wrong, Trust Space Colonization

Space colonization could definitely be the answer to human survival. Especially since global warming is coming in hot, humans are going to need some saving. The proposal of space colonization has been around for decades. It would be an awesome event if it were to happen because humanity would survive longer since no disasters or nuclear warfare can touch them in space. Another positive about space colonization is that there are more than enough resources for humans to use, such as energy and materials.

A physicist by the name Paul Davies also supports the view of space colonization by stating, if there was a catastrophe threatening the human race, a space colony could not only save humans but also restore our population. It is never a bad idea to even have a “backup” somewhere in space just in case there is an emergency. Of course, making these colonies in space won’t be cheap what so ever, but they could potentially save the human race if something bad were to happen. Unfortunately, no space colonies have been built so far due to the price and technological challenges. There have been no specific plans to build a colony yet.

In 2019 there was a theoretical study, focused on the long-term trajectory of human civilization. This trajectory could come about in four steps. The first step is that there needs to be plenty of space in order for colonies to be established at habitable locations. Second step, these colonies could slowly become self-sufficient, for when the major civilization on earth dies. The third step is the colonies could expand and develop their habitation by themselves. The fourth and final step is that the colonies could self-replicate and establish new colonies further into space. This study shows that it is possible to expand humanity using space colonization and how we would do so.

Not only would this help in survival, but it would also be a great experience. If this all happened it would be almost like the show The 100. Most of the human population go to space and live in colonies together, then when they test to see if the earth is habitable after hundreds of years. So, if it ever works like the show, then maybe after living in space colonies for a while, humans can go back to living on earth.

Once we get more advanced in technology and gain a better economic position on this plan of space colonization, the human race could live much longer than expected. Just seeing a project like this unfold and happen would be absolutely amazing. It would prove how far we have come as humans. This plan as a whole would be a great way to help the human race survive long-term. I think it should definitely be put in play within the next century because pollution is starting to effect our oceans and the air around us, and lets be real. We need some saving.


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