Fermi Paradox

The Fermi Paradox is defined as the obvious contradiction between the fault of proof of extraterrestrials and their civilization anywhere in the Milky Way galaxy. It is argued that there is a very high chance that planets similar to Earth have already started to acquire intelligent life. Another aspect of this Paradox is that the intelligent creatures would most likely desire to explore space and colonize what they could, but it hasn’t happened. The major question involved in this idea is why. Why hasn’t there been anything found that can back up the scientist? And what if not coming across from extraterrestrials is a good thing. I believe that if the human race ever faced whatever is living out in space because there is no way it’s just us, it would end horribly.

The theorist that came up with this theory believed that some excuses as to why we’ve never come in contact with them are due to how far they are. There are no aliens or any artifacts that would support the theory that they exist, but considering that interstellar travel is so slow it would take around 5 to 50 million years to colonize the universe. (1) Maybe they are still on there way here, or possibly too far to ever be able to communicate but the theorists don’t stop there. They believe that the extraterrestrials would most likely use probes to explore more of the universe and that we should have found bits and pieces of those already. In the Great Filter theory, it is believed that the extraterrestrials had reached a massive stage of evolution that it killed more of there civilizations. There is also an argument that technological civilizations most likely destroyed themselves after being able to progress radio and or spaceflight technology. (1)  I believe that intelligent life is real, there is no possible way that humans are the most intelligent species in the entire universe but the Fermi Paradox won’t ever come up with evidence. It’s all math and the chances of ever receiving anything to back up the theory are so slim to none that we’ll never truly know. 

Although the entire conversation about aliens and how in depth the Fermi Paradox theory got into it, I believe they exist. I don’t think they resemble the cartoon character humans have depicted of a green, big-headed, black-eyed creature and I don’t think I’ll ever even have an idea of what they look like but the universe is too vast to not have life. One of the aspects of the Fermi Paradox that I’m not sure if I believe or not is the idea that humans should have found bits and pieces of probes or old technology from them. If they don’t want to be discovered, I genuinely believe they won’t. This is a theory I never believe will get solid evidence to back it up considering the mathematics aspect of it tells us theres such a slim chance to come across any evidence none the less actually come into contact with the intelligent life.


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  1. I really like how you described the paradox so in depth, but made the writing very personable, offering your own relatable, and reasonable explanation that the paradox was not able to.


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