Fermi Paradox

The Fermi Paradox is the idea that extraterrestrial life exists in our universe, despite the lack of evidence. Italian- American physicist Enrico Fermi claims this lack of evidence is because our universe is so vast and there are many stars in the milky-way like our sun that there are many places far away where aliens can leave signs of life. In short, the paradox  argues scale and probability for finding extraterrestrial intelligence. There are many questions that come along with finding this phenomenon. One being, “why can’t we find artifacts or any proof here on Earth?” the answer is our access to space travel. The kind we currently have is surprisingly, very slow for our galaxy. It would take 5 million to 500 million years to fully colonize the galaxy and explore every star meteor and planet we have. The second question is “Why do we see no signs in other places of the universe?” We can tie this question into our lack of speed in space travel as well,  but a new point that is brought up is that these advanced civilizations of extraterrestrial beings are out of our range to detect them using satellites. So this paradox as a whole is centered around our Earth being too far away from any signs of life forms other than ourselves. The universe is too vast to be fully explored and colonized, so how are we so sure we are not the only life forms here? Fermi was not the only researcher who had this question. The topic of extraterrestrial life forms have been a hot button topic for generations and finding a UFO is on many people’s bucket list. There are also equations to back up this theory, one being the Drake equation. Created by scientist Frank Drake in 1961, the equation is used to find systematic meanings in probability involved in the existence of alien life.


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