Is Space Colonization Worth The Wait?

In the past decade, there has been more thought into the idea of habituating other planets in order to extend the human race’s survival in the universe. With modern day technology, the thought of doing this can only be drawn out, written, or simulated in video games and movies; but the reality of the future health of our planet can be of concern to some and has led many people to speculate ways to further the human race. I believe if we wait long enough for technology to improve and for more people to become concerned with space colonization, we will be able to colonize other Earth-like planets outside of our solar system or planets that offer valuable resources. We have discovered over 80 naturally occurring elements on our planet that are used for powering our cities, fueling our cars, and feeding our people. Unfortunately, these elements do not last forever, and synthetically creating these elements hasn’t yielded results equivalent to natural elements. The universe is unknown, meaning there are unknown possibilities in the universe that can help us survive in the future. The problem with this is that these possibilities are, well unknown, and we don’t have many places in mind on where to look for these resources and having the means to get these resources is well out of the equation. We can, however, hypothesis ways in getting these resources and using them to benefit our civilization. In fact, we have been hypothesizing these ways for years now, some are taken into careful consideration and others are for pure entertainment. There have been many TV shows, movies, and video games made that all depict the various ways the future of the human race, or other species like aliens, can evolve into. Of course, their ideas aren’t taken in with consideration on if their idea is actually possible and its sole purpose is for entertainment. They do, however, provide a useful insight into the possibilities the future may possibly hold for us and provide a type of brainstorming method in where no ideas are shot down to maximize ideas for future space travel. Many researchers and scientists are trying to find new, feasible ways to acquire more resources without consideration of cost. Some are considering mining asteroids that are almost entirely made out of certain elements such as gold or iron. We have just recently landed a probe on a moving asteroid so this theory can be very possible in the future. There are also many theories that our planet is not the only Earth-like in the universe. So if we can travel to another planet that provides the essential living components, like on Earth, we can hope that this new planet has enough resources to last us for many more years. The common problem these ideas share is that they will all take a lot of time and a lot of money to create and put into effect. This is where the concern comes into play on whether these ideas are actually worth implementing in the future as they may fail and end up being a huge waste of time and money. We cannot answer these questions now and must continue research to find answers to these questions in the mean time. Though I am optimistic that space travel, colonization, and mining is possible.

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I was born and raised in Newark, Delaware and still live in Newark. I went to Newark High school where I played baseball, Lacrosse, and was part of the marching band. My favorite vine is when the guy throws the frisbee and it goes in the street, followed by "What the F Richard." Don't know why I needed to say that but it's there anyway.

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