Space Colonization for a Human Future

The proposition of space colonization brings forth new ideas that could make the human civilization last longer. The ideal outcome would be to find a place/places where humans can prosper indefinitely while collecting resources to allow us to do this. Scientists have determined that we can’t live on Earth forever and we are slowly killing the Earth with overpopulation. According to the Wikipedia article, even renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has come out and supported our need for space colonization, or else it could bring forth “the prospect of long-term extinction.” In order to prevent this thought from even crossing our minds, we should start colonizing space. With technology advancing every day, if the U.N. works together to fund and support this, we could be habituating space within the next quarter-century. Additionally, this could help us deal with issues we are currently having on Earth like climate change. If we can discover planets or other places to live, we can learn to adapt and survive with new terrains and climates. Plus, it could teach us how to utilize our technology better to not harm Earth any further. With Elon Musk and NASA currently working on such devices to aid us in space colonization, this will certainly be a heavily discussed issue in the coming future.


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