Space Colonization: If We Want Infinity, We Must GO Beyond

What if the world was going up in flames, water levels rising and wiping out cities, species and civilizations completely eradicated, how can humanity escape impending doom? Well for scientists like Stephen Hawking and J. Richard Gott,  as well as state officials like Louis Hale formerly of the U.S. state department, the answer to preventing the total collapse of humanity lies in looking to the stars. Space colonization is the only way to prevent the end of human life as we know it in the case of earth’s extinction.  

In1945, two nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, leaving the world in shock, ending the war to end all wars. This devastation was only the beginning though, prepositioning a 45 year long nuclear arms race between America and the Soviet Union, and in the twenty first century, the North Korean nuclear testing threat that lasted over a year. Nuclear warfare to many may seem an issue of the past, or one now that will never result in anything, but it could be the destruction of the world’s future. Nuclear warfare may not even be necessary to cause the apocalypse if the world continues to heat up due to the ongoing climate crisis that has not found a unanimous agreement on how to confront it. As well as with an increasing overpopulation problem, and a decline of resources as the world ages, and slowly burns, there are too many combinations of destruction, and so few answers. With the threat of doomsday right around the corner, what hope does humanity have, if not going beyond our known world and discovering a new hope on a new planet, or moon, or even an asteroid according to NASA specialists. 

Conquistadors, Columbus, Colonial settlers, and now Elon Musk? Colonization has destroyed societies, ravaged groups of people, eradicated cultures, and in its wake new civilizations rose, all in the name of growth and discovery. Many curse colonization as it left so many displaced, forcefully assimilated, and/ or brutally attacked and left for dead, but what if colonization was necessary for humanity’s survival, and there was a form of it with no known possible victims of it? Space Colonization could be the most ethical and necessary form of colonization in the world’s history. Besides survival, space colonization could be a unifying experience for the world, as exploring uncharted territory, looking into the impossible, brings out the curiosity in us all, and finding new spaces to explore allows for societies to thrive, similar to the space race, and the Lewis and Clark expedition. 

Although scientists differ when it is exactly, it is sure that the earth has an expiration date,  and if we want to ensure not only a possible future, but a positive one, space colonization must become a priority. The longer humans exist on this planet, the more resources deplete and the earth suffers. It has been proven that the amount of resources space can offer, especially asteroids that would be mined for water and building supplies, can supply humanity thousands of times more than what our one planet has to offer now (1).

The answer to all of the world’s problems has not been right under our noses this entire time, it’s been above our heads, beyond as far as the eye can see. The question can no longer be “Is there anything to do to save the earth”, it is “Are you ready to suit up?” 


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2 thoughts on “Space Colonization: If We Want Infinity, We Must GO Beyond”

  1. Awesome effort! I love the part about “forcefully assimilated, and/ or brutally attacked and left for dead.” Super duper argument! I love all the dark turns you take! Yay apocalypse! :):):):)


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