The Fermi Paradox: “But where is everybody?”

Ever since the idea of extraterrestrials has been presented to humans on earth, the debate of whether or not aliens are real has been one that has baffled society forever. Italian American physicist, Enrico Fermi, developed the Fermi Paradox however, which explores the idea that if aliens do exist, our human race should have come into contact with them by this point in time. 

The paradox brings up many questions and points involving our lack of knowledge and exposure to extraterrestrial life; beginning with the size of our universe. Fermi explains that since our Milky Way is so vast and there are billions of stars and planets within it that we don’t even know exist, that the chance of there being other societies out there is very likely, however we just have not developed the technological capabilities to discover them. 

Another question asked is “Why are no aliens or their artifacts found here on Earth, or in the Solar System?” And the answer again is the lack of technological advancements we have made on planet earth. Our space travelling abilities are considered rather slow, as it would take us from 5 million to 50 million years to even attempt to colonize the rest of the galaxy. We also have a lack of knowledge of these life forms as a whole. We have no idea as humans what these other beings could look like or how they live their lives. For all we know, there could be another planet exactly like earth with beings living on it just like we are now. That relates to another point made in the paradox: with the size of our galaxy, there is a very high chance that there is another planet out there that has the ability to be a home to life forms. 

Through all of these ideas, I think they allude to the fact that maybe we aren’t set out to discover aliens or extraterrestrial life forms. If we have not contacted them by now and there are so many questions and contradicting ideas as to why we have not reached them yet, maybe that is a sign that they are meant to be left alone and undiscovered. Also, on the planet we live in, we tend to use things and take them for granted (cough, cough, our own damn planet) so I feel if aliens did come into contact with us, we would exploit them and make them hate the world that we live in – there is no way we could let them remain peaceful.


One thought on “The Fermi Paradox: “But where is everybody?””

  1. I feel like even if NASA or some other agency were to discover some type of extraterrestrial existence elsewhere in the universe, it would be an extremely long time before anyone got around to telling us about it. Gov. coverups would most likely be at thing.


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