The Portrayal of Trans-humanism in Television

When I read about trans-humanism, the movement to use technology to enhance human abilities, the first thing I thought of was the show The Twilight Zone and the more modern version in my eyes, Black Mirror. I love watching these shows and to a certain extent I think the ideas within it are somewhat practical and could even be useful. However, if taken too far, trans-humanism could endanger our society and cause mass chaos.

Image result for black mirror transhumanism

The picture above shows an example of an invention that could be considered trans-humanism within Black Mirror. In this episode, people’s memories are recorded through a device they get implanted called “The Grain” and can be rewatched, even on a TV. An idea like this sounds somewhat realistic for the future with the increasing amount of technology and AI being created. Something like this could be useful but would have its drawbacks, including the health danger of implanting a device and the mental effect it could have on people. The character in the show ends up dangerously cutting the device out from under his skin. Chances are, if something like “The Grain” was actually created, people would likely end up acting similarly and risking danger just for the sake of their sanity.

While trans-humanism could be useful, if it went too far there is a risk of people becoming less human and our species essentially turning into robots. The increased use of artificial intelligence and technology are inevitable but there is a certain, unclear point where it becomes too much. It is an extremely complicated topic and trans-humanism would need to be heavily tested and experimented with before being put out to the public.


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