Transhumanism: Not as evil as it is portrayed?

Transhumanism, although it is a controversial topic offers many benefits to society. The term transhumanism often times has a negative connotation but is simply “the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.” This does not necessarily mean anything negative. Transhumanism could allow for science and technology to help all individuals to do everyday things that they were born unable to do, things as simple as to see or hear. Of course this could also lead to new abilities that currently are not able to be done by humans. Science and technology are already aiding in human advancement, but the term “transhumanism” gives it a sort of ominous feeling. Media, such as television, has not helped this view either, as transhumanism is often depicted as evil or negative, leading the viewers unable to see the potential benefits.

Transhumanism offers many different advancements for people, and not looking into the technology or science would be foolish that can help individuals. I fully understand the implications that these advancements could cause which is why some some sort of regulation or watch on these emerging technologies would be beneficial. The surveillance of these technologies and scientific advancements would lead to things the media portrays to be less likely to occur. Overall, anything that could further the human experience for all individuals is something I believe should be explored, regardless of whether media has depicted scenarios in which it leads to something quite negative.


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