What’s the deal with radio waves and aliens?

The Fermi paradox discusses the theory of extraterrestrial life. When about it, I understood the reasoning behind most everything hypothesized, I read the section titled “Electromagnetic Transmissions.” Whether or not alien life exists in the universe, I am going to focus on the flaw of assuming that radio technology is a “natural advance for technological species.”

Radio waves are what we humans use everyday for communication with each other. It is how the news gets broadcast, how a phone call gets transmitted from one phone to the next, and how WiFi connects to your computer. For a better understanding on radio waves, check out the video above. While it is natural to depend on radio waves nowadays, we didn’t even know of their existence until 1886. It took thousands of years of evolution, scientific hypothesis, and research to get to the point of discovering radio waves. Scientists have been sending out radio waves into space to try and see if some type of alien life will receive our signal and send one of their own back. It has been 50 years since the first signal was sent out. That signal is now 39 light years away from Earth. So far, there have been no detected responses answering our one of the multiple signals Earth has sent out.

The fault with using radio waves is assuming that aliens have been around long enough to become as technologically advanced as humans. Additionally,we also need to stop assuming that they are even technologically advanced in the first place. Who is to say that aliens are or aren’t as technologically advanced as giraffes? We simply have no way of proving that radio waves are a natural advance for any species. By acknowledging this, it would then allow other methods of proposed communication to be considered and looked at. It also brings everything back around into the general mindset of the fact that nothing should be assumed. By assuming anything of aliens, whether or not they exist, we cut ourselves off from thinking outside of the box.


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