Space Colonization: Home Away from Home:

Space colonization is a valid and serious argument that we need to consider. According to Wikipedia, Space Colonization is permanent human habitation off the planet Earth. People would leave Earth due to an unfortunate natural or self disaster upon our own planet. Many scientists believe that space colonization will save human civilization. This topic is extremely controversial because there are some concerns with living in space. Space colonies would create several technological and economical challenges. Living in space means human civilization would have to provide for hundreds of thousands of individuals in a unique environment where we do not know how humans life will react. Scientist Stephen Hawking, predicted that if we don’t start colonies in space, humans will become extinct within the next thousand years. I agree with Hawking in this statement due to the fact that Earth is slowly dying and we need some alternative. 

While reading this article, I found the ‘astronomical trajectory of mankind’ very interesting and effective. This idea has to do with four different levels of ways to live in space. First, space colonies could be formed by several habitable locations which would be able to rely on earth in the beginning of the process. Second, slowly the colonies start to progress and become independent when earth becomes no longer. Next, these civilizations would eventually begin to grow and flourish on their own by terraforming. Lastly, the colonies would duplicate and grow copies of each other throughout space. I think this idea would be successful because it starts off with the space colonies slowly separating from earth to expanding at a fast rate. 

A benefit of living in space is that it has an incredible amount of resources. According to research, space has so many resources that it can support over a billion times more individuals than earth. I think living in space is a scary idea and I understand why individuals are hesitant but if humans need to live there in order to survive, it seems like a great plan. 


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