Space Colonization: How close are we

One of the biggest problems humans face today is climate change. Many speculate on the best way to combat it and not have it wipe out the human race. One way a lot of scientists talk about and believe is the future is moving to another planet. From the beginning of time humans have always wanted to go off and explore new lands. Where it was Europeans discovering a new area of land in the 1400’s or when Americans explored the west in manifest destiny. So now that all of the Earth has been explored and colonized it is on to humans to explore space.

Space colonization would help the climate crisis but it would not be the whole solution. It would allow some people to live on other planets and harvest the resources from them but that is a long term solution. In the short run carbon emissions are going to have to be cut down. In the long term moving a lot of the earths population to other planets after making them habitable will help cut down on carbon emissions and other pollution that humans produce.

Though space colonization may seem far away it is coming sooner than most people realize. With men like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos putting some of their wealth and power to complete this task some huge strides have been made and the future looks promising. It is estimated that people will be launched to the moon by 2024. This is a huge stepping stone for space colonization and shows that space colonization will be in the near future.

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