Space Colonization: Our New Home?

Space Colonization is the permanent human habitation off the plant earth, according to Wikipedia. This is the new way that many humans can leave the planet and live a sustainable life. There have been many arguments back and forth about whether space colonization is good or bad. Space colonization can have a really positive benefit on the human race. I believe that space colonization can be a really unique way to extend human life beyond the plant Earth.

The primary argument for Space Colonization is that it’ll allow humans to survive longer and extend the human race. Scientist Steven Hawkins argued that space colonization can save humanity. In 2001, he predicted that in the next thousand years humanity would become extinct unless we colonized in space. Another argument made for space colonization was by Louis J. Halle, formerly in the United States Department of State, where he stated that space colonization will protect humanity in the event of global nuclear warfare. Physicist Paul Davies supports this idea and states that t if a planetary catastrophe threatens the survival of the human species on Earth, a self-sufficient colony could “reverse-colonize”. It is important to have this space colonization as a backup cause with the many political issues arising across the globe, we can have somewhere to stay safe from any disaster.

I believe that as technology advances over the years something like space colonization can be possible. Being able to send humans to another planet and have it be habitable would be incredible. Space colonization can change the entire world as we know it and it’d be amazing to see life beyond what we know.

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