The Downfalls of Space Colonization

Space colonization, or what can also be referred to as space settlement and extraterrestrial colonization, is permanent human habitation in places in the solar system besides Earth. There are many different opinions on both sides of space colonization. There are many obstacles that would have to be tackled prior in order to seriously consider space colonization. Not one space colony has ever been built, therefore, this is not a plausible idea. There is an abundance of technological and economic issues that you would run into with colonizing in outer space. It is not a realistic project and should not be entertained.

The economic obstacles when it comes to space colonization are astronomical. It is an incredible cost to send anything into orbit. However, sending the supplies, manpower, and people, in order to inhibit a whole space colony, would cost the government or any private organization an insane amount of money. In my opinion, this unrealistic amount of money does not in any way outweigh the comparatively small advances that some space colonization could bring.

The main argument for space colonization is the prospect of long-term survival of human civilization. This survival rate is said to long surpass that on Earth. It is believed by some that by developing places to live outside of Earth, that those who inhabit the planet would be able to continue living in the event of a disaster striking planet Earth. However, there is no reason for this to occur. The resources to complete this idea are unavailable and there are issues far more pressing than space colonization.

More than once, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking argued for space colonization as a means of saving humanity. Hawking predicted that the human race would become extinct within the next thousand years unless colonies could be established in space. He later stated that humanity faces one of two dire options. Humans could either colonize space within at most the next two hundred years and build residential units on other planets, or everyone will face the prospect of complete extinction. I think that nature should be allowed to run its course and we, as a human race, should not make inhabitable planets into a place to live if it will take an incredible amount of technological advancement along with funds.

Therefore, space colonization should not be a discussion that the human race is having at all. It is an unrealistic solution to an even more pressing issue. The money that would need to be spent in order to achieve this goal would be a complete waste of an astronomical amount of money.


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