Why transhumanism is unethical

Transhumanism is a very complex topic so I will be focusing my discussion on how it is an unethical idea that should not be implemented in society primarily because of how it provides a loss of human identity and the meaningfulness of life as well as the unfairness it will cause. Transhumanism is the idea of transforming the human condition by developing and making sophisticated technologies to enhance human capability further than what it can do on its own. 

One of the aspects of transhumanism that proved it to be unethical to me is the idea of tampering with fundamental aspects of people to make them capable of things out of their reach. An example of this is the idea of maximizing humans lifespan. By doing this, human life is becoming less meaningful and in a sense shows a loss of human identity. As humans, we were made to learn how to deal with physical hardships in our lives involving our health and well being. If this were to all go away and we could easily get past any issue in our lives, it would degrade the value and meaningfulness of life we have today. 

Another aspect that makes transhumanism unethical is how it can cause unfair human enhancement in many different areas of life. Whether these be physical advantages or mental and cognitive advantages they will all affect the social plane. This could very well divide society between people who are capable of certain things while others are not because of the advantages some people have over others. These advancements proposed through transhumanism that can improve life will most likely not be available to all people. This will create a socioeconomic divide between people. Certain people won’t have access to these technological advancements while others are living with a great physical and economic advantage. 

These aspects of transhumanism prove to me that it is unethical and should not be implemented in our society. If it is, I believe that it will cause more problems than people think it will. It will cause a divide between people and degrade human identity and the meaningfulness of life we have now. 


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