Proposal: Why is there such a consensus for authoritative parenting? Why do all cultures have different approaches for this “most effective parenting method?”

For my proposal, I wanted to write about the most effective parenting style when raising children. During my research, I discovered that all my sources revealed the same exact information, saying that authoritative is the best because it allows the parent and child to have the best form of communication. Source after source I was getting the same information, all saying the same stuff. From this, I thought I would explore why we all agree that authoritative is the best and why this idea is all established in our minds. From this new research, I learned that we all say this is the best parenting, but culture after culture there are different guidelines that fall under this parenting approach. Asian Americans seemed to have a lot of differences in the best ways to parent and it was more of the parents making sacrifices than physically showing love and comfort toward children like the white American families do. I am still trying to form my thesis/ question on this idea, but this is the direction I’m heading now for my proposal (consensus that authoritative parenting is best, but differs depending on cultures).


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