Proposal: Giving LSD Research a Second Chance

Diving right in, I plan to write my research paper on LSD. I want the audience to take away a few things from the paper. The first being the real history about its use in the past and why it became illegal. The second being that the reality of LSD use is that it’s only dangerous if you use too much of it; it’s like any other drug. (That being said, I don’t want to promote the illegal use of LSD.) With these two topics behind me, I really want to drive home the idea of allowing scientists to begin researching LSD again. I would cite other scientists that have made this claim to show that this is something that is being considered already, so it’s not a total stretch to make it happen. I would address that old LSD experiments showed promising results in helping ease the minds of people with PTSD, severe anxiety, and other debilitating mental disorders. I would support this by citing those medical journals and breaking down the content so it’s easier for my audience to understand.

Why LSD? Well, I wanted my paper to tap into my major, neuroscience. I also wanted my paper to be on something that isn’t normally talked about. I like exploring the unknown and learning about topics that might be considered taboo. I also want to share the truth on LSD now that I know more about it. People have so many misconceptions about it, so I think it’s time to explain what it actually is and why it needs to be reconsidered as a usable drug in the medical/research field.


One thought on “Proposal: Giving LSD Research a Second Chance”

  1. I like this approach because it lets you take two separate approaches: the first, historical approach is you doing research on what was promising and what went wrong (which can touch on issues like how politics, panic and scientific research can be a toxic combo) and then also talking about the contemporary possibilities of resumed research. It’s science+history, an always-cool combination.


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