Proposal: The Story of Jordan Belfort

I plan to write my research paper on the life and story of Jordan Belfort. Most people know about Jordan Belfort from the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. What no one really knows about is his life before the fame and the life after getting caught in the act. Of course, the story of him getting famous and rich will be included, but that will not be the only thing I will write about. For those of you who aren’t sure who Jordan Belfort is I’ll give you some background. For starters, when he was 22 years old he was eager to get out and make some money, so he went to the one place where he knew he could, Wall Street. This is where it all began. His boss got Jordan into the mindset of not caring about the investor, to just take their money for himself. I’m going to jump to the conclusion because there are too many details to go through, but years go by and the cops know what he’s up to. The cops finally catch up to him and arrest him for securities fraud and money laundering.

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One thought on “Proposal: The Story of Jordan Belfort”

  1. An interesting take–doing a biography but then concentrating on a radically different part of this person’s life. I sense, too, that there’s a message or lesson in there–a reason why you want to talk about the overlooked part of his life. I think there’s something really cool in there.


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