The Effect of Weather on Mood

For my proposal, I plan to research the effect of weather on people’s mental health and overall mood. This is a topic I have always thought about and wanted to know more about. For instance, when it is dark and cold in the middle of winter, many people, including myself at times, tend to become more emotional, sad, or even depressed. On the other hand, on a beautiful sunny day, people seem happier, more positive, and have an overall better mood. This made me wonder: why does this happen, have people researched this before, and is this just a common social behavior or is it scientifically backed up?  

After I began research on this topic, I learned that mood does not only depend on temperature, but it also depends on the amount of sunlight a person gets per day, the amount of time spent outdoors, and the season. My research paper will include information about this, backed up by studies and experiments conducted by other people with the same questions. I am looking forward to learning about this phenomenon.


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